Private Sessions 

For a limited time, I have doors open for 1-on-1 healing sessions and longer term coaching clients. In person and virtual options are both available.

Private Healing Sessions


Private Healing Session Option 1: 

Natalie combines modalities like Reiki, Guided Journeying, Readings, Inner Child Healing and Sound Healing to create a powerful experience that is intuitively guided for your needs.

Option 2: Choose from any of the following modalities:

Reiki + Energy Reading

Natalie is a Holy Fire Reiki Master who channels Reiki healing energy to help clear blockages, open the heart, release stressful and dense feelings, and help your energy field open up to deeper peace and abundance.

The first part of the session Natalie will channel Reiki and all you have to do is relax and receive. From there, Natalie will let you know what she sensed and cleared from your energy field. You will have an opportunity to share what arose for you and discuss with Natalie as a compassionate witness and supportive guide.

Holy Fire Reiki is a very warm, unconditionally loving form of energy.


Womb Healing + / or Conception Support

Our wombs are powerful portals of creation. Trauma, relationships, attachments, disease, and stress can cause us to disconnect from this scared space of creation, pleasure, and fertility. Womb Healings help release old, stagnant energy and open you up to embodying your full creative, sensual, and fertile potential. 

May Include:*

  • Full body energetic sweep / cleanse for blockages

  • Cleansing of womb space, trauma, and energy of all past partners

  • Cord Cutting / Release of Energetic Contracts

  • Yoni Breathing

  • Opening up Creation Portals

*Depending on what we have time for and what your energy is calling for.

Inner Child Healing

Inner Child Journeying helps you re-integrate parts of yourself you've lost, hidden, shamed, or let go of along the way. The intention is to heal any parts of self that have been fragmented and disconnected from unconditional love.

During an Inner Child Journey Natalie will guide you to reconnect with yourself at different periods of your life. We will clear the trauma, pain, or dense emotions from that time. Natalie will help you understand how to cultivate an integrated relationship with these parts of yourself. Un-shaming work may also be incorporated.


Guided Journeying

During a Guided Journey, Natalie will guide you through the upper or lower realms. Journeying may include connecting with loved ones who have passed, elements, spirit guides like angels, your future self, or animal guides. 

Past Life / Parallel / Future Life Regression 

Wether or not you believe in your soul being connected to other lifetimes, other reality regressions can help you connect to the root of the energy that you're struggling with in this lifetime. You can choose to view this as an actual lifetime you've lived out, or a story your subconscious has created in order to help you get to the root of what you're dealing with right now without having to access trauma or other memories from this lifetime.

Natalie will guide you into a regression and ask you questions about what you're witnessing / feeling / experiencing. You may want to record this session to reference in the future.



A 1-1 Personalized Healing Program 


Natalie invites those who are ready to commit to their healing and transformation on a deep level into a private container with her. She holds a sacred space and utilizes modalities like Reiki, Womb Healing, Guided Journeys, Inner Child Work, Intuitive Coaching, and Embodiment Practices to support you along your transformation. 

As a Trauma Informed Reiki Master, Natalie has 7 years of experience supporting people through their healing and helping them find peace. 

Natalie helps people with...

  • Stress and Trauma Healing
  • Unshaming Yourself
  • Manifesting / Creating Your Dream Life
  • Ancestral and Family Healing Work
  • Empathing / Boundaries / Flourishing with High Sensitivity
  • Chronic Illness + Fatigue
  • Grief + Transitions
  • Self-Esteem & Body Image
  • Spiritual Awakening + Spiritual Crises
  • Womb Healing
  • Relationships & Sex
  • Healing Generational & Past Life Trauma
  • Developing Intuition & Strengthening Spiritual Connection

Natalie creates a safe, compassionate, and loving energetic space for you to connect with your innermost self. When you commit to Intentional Transformation, you're committing to a deep exploration of your sub-conscious self and your deepest expression.

Natalie believes that from the space of meeting our truth with deep love and compassion, we can move through our life in a more embodied, authentic way.

While Natalie will connect with her intuition to guide you and offer support, she is first and foremost committed to helping you deeply access your own truth, self-trust, and vibrant inner world. 

By committing to the Intentional Transformation Healing Container, you are committing to show up regularly for yourself, your growth, and healing.

People who have gone through Natalie's Intentional Transformation have reported:

- Experiencing profound levels of peace and ease that they did not even know was possible

- Going from hustling in their business with little financial success, to building a million dollar business with ease and joy

- Feeling like a "broken" person to feeling deep self-love, acceptance, and confidence

- Experiencing deep meaning in their life, miracles, synchronicity, and connection to loved ones on the other side 

- Healing sexual pain and accessing pleasure and orgasms 

When we surrender together in a sacred, intentional container, miracles become normal.


4 Month Container - $1,600

6 Month Container - $2,200

*Payment Plans Available.*

“I had the pleasure of experiencing a reiki session with Natalie and it truly was the most beautiful, powerful, and heartfelt session I have ever experienced. Her approachability and genuine compassion made me completely relaxed and I left the session feeling lighter, full of clarity and peace. Thank you Natalie for sharing your gifts with the world, I look forward to our next session together!” - Maddison T.




Helena Grace Donald, Girl Unfiltered

"Wow, what can I say other than Natalie was like an angel that popped up in my life at exactly the time I most needed her! At at time where my energy was feeling very conflicted and drained, Natalie intuitively and beautifully gave me the most wonderful healing session. I could feel my energy becoming grounded and the weight and confusion just lift off of me. Afterwards, she also gave me a beautiful reading and we both started crying because she told me exactly what I most needed to hear at that time and it deeply moved me! I've felt better ever since and I'm remembering to listen to her intuitive guidance. I'll be making sessions with Natalie a regular thing, for sure!"

Sarah Spicer, Spicer Productions 

Natalie's spirit, kindness and strength has rippled through our family in some of the most beautiful ways. She helped my young daughter, my brother and me. Watching her work was remarkable and I will admit that although I was curious, I wasn't totally sure about the modalities. However, my doubts were extinguished every time. She was always right and knew things before I knew how to put them into words. She is an angel on earth and I feel so lucky that she came into my family's life. I feel totally trusting of and safe with her, which to me is the highest compliment I can give someone.



Ashley Jones, Tedx Speaker + Loved Not Lost Founder

"I wasn’t sure what to expect when going to a reiki session, but Natalie brought healing and peace beyond what I could’ve imagined. Not only did I have a message from my daughter, who passed away 7 years ago, but the reiki session was so helpful too. I ended up coming back for another reiki session and felt so good afterwards. True story: I left the second session and had to pick something up at the mall and had someone stop me to tell me I had good energy! It was a noticeable difference and I am looking forward to more sessions with Natalie."

Haley Kilpatrick, Girl Talk Inc Founder

“Natalie is a gift to this world.. a pure beautiful light.. I feel fortunate to not only be blessed by her friendship, but with her as a healer in my life. I was recently recovering from surgery and had a Reiki session with her and it was incredible to witness her using her God given gifts to heal. My doctor could only describe the results as Divine.”

Womb Healing Testimonials

 "Natalie's womb meditation was such an interesting experience for me. I knew I had a lot of trauma held inside my body but I did not know how freeing and transforming I’d feel after communicating with my womb & yoni. It felt exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. I feel so appreciative towards my body. It has definitely helped me realize certain issues that I thought were resolved.... thank you!