A Spring Reset For Soulful Living. Mind, Body, & Spirit.  

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Are You Ready to Quantum Leap?! 


I see you. This is not exactly the life you pictured.

Scrolling on your phone looking at travel influencers, and homesteaders living their dream lives in order to get a hit of dopamine to get through the monotony of the day of scrubbing dishes and sending one more email. 

And sure,  maybe you don't want their life but you'd like to be able to find magic in your own life. You'd love to stop replaying that fight you had at work and notice the intricacies of the trees in your backyard and imagine the fairy friends that live within them. 

You'd like to get super clear on the magic and wonder you want to create for yourself and learn habits that actually help you embody that person.

You know, the person your promised that little girl (or boy) inside of you that you'd become years ago. The one who paints in eccentric colors, speaks her mind, and tends to her heart instead of stuffing those emotions down and occasionally exploding on her partner (then feeling guilty).

You don't need to read more self-help books or scroll through social media. You're ready to DO THE THING.

It's time to make a habit of taking care of ALL of you - MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. 

And I've got the tools to help you.

It's Time To Reset Your Energy

 How would it feel to wake up each day inspired and excited about life?

Imagine the version of you who easily pulls out of the mental thought loops of worry, and shifts her focus towards gratitude, joy, peace, and her dreams.

Imagine the you who is so in tune with her heart and energy she walks through her life with radiance, confidence, self-compassion, and excitement.



A 30 Day Challenge to help reset your Mind, Body, and Spirit. 



Let's Create NEW Patterns that will change your life in just 30 days.  

SoulFULL30 is a set of short, yet powerful practices that will help you GROUND deep transformation into your life. Through SoulFULL30 you'll...

  • Cleanse and clear your home and your energy field to release stagnant energy and make space for the new
  • Learn tools to ground, stay centered, and focus on the feelings you'd like to feel more of in your life (don't worry, we won't bypass those difficult emotions, we'll make space for them too!)
  • Focus on creating your new reality through powerful tools like creative visualization and priming your subconscious mind

How much more patient, loving, giving, and grounded would you be if you were able to fill yourself up with LOVE, INTENTION, and GRATITUDE each and every day?

Days 1-5: HOME

Set the container for your practice by transforming the energy of your home. Set up an altar and experience a meditative practice to connect to the heart of your home.

Supplies Needed For Cleansing: Dried herbs, Blessed Water.


Define your North Star, Values, & Goals. Transform your visions into a powerful script of affirmations that you will record and listen to throughout the 30 days. Drop your energetic grounding cord so that you can stay rooted as you dream big.

Days 11-15: MIND

Experience shifts in your emotions with an EFT Tapping Practice and focus in on gratitude with a 5 minute Tibetan Heart Meditation. Learn an easy tool for calming your nervous system and finally, prime your subconscious mind to experience more positive emotions throughout your day.  

Days 16-20: SPIRIT

This week is all about the energy body! Call back your energy, release what's not yours, and charge your energy field with a ray of golden light visualization. End the week with an inner child meditation to connect with any aspects of your true self that you have let go of or shamed.

Days 21-25: BODY

Let go of tension in the body with a gentle yet powerful movement practice for stress. Learn abdominal self massage to release emotions you're holding in your stomach that are connected to your major organs. Enjoy a self-love practice to shower your body with love! Choose to eat in a way that feels healthy for you this week.

DAYS 26-30: MIND

We close out the 30 days by revisiting our mindset work! Cement in those affirmations by listening to your script from week 2 again! Try a short breath-work practice for calming the mind. Learn another EMDR tool for nervous system regulation, and end with journal prompts for reflection and gratitude!

The unconscious mind influences 90-95% of your behavior. I'm going to help you shift it.

SoulFULL30 helps you to consciously reprogram your subconscious mind to focus on states of being that are supportive for you.

Pair that with releasing stagnant emotions trapped in your body and energy field, and you've got a recipe for actual transformation.

And no, I'm not going to promise that life will magically get easier or that you won't deal with difficult emotions. You will steal deal with difficult emotions and experience suffering - that's normal and human and we're not bypassing our way out of the human experience here.

What I'm helping you do to is pull out of the unnecessary suffering caused by the mind and body being stuck in old subconscious habits.

Because when you're free of all that unneccessary BS weighing you down and keeping your brain on a hamsterwheel, you can truly shine!

You are free to dream bigger!

You are free to create a reality that is aligned with who you are now and not who you used to be!

The neural networks in your brain literally rewire and your focus will shift. You may even feel like a totally new person! Or even better, you may learn to accept yourself just as you are.

That's what I know is available for you.

Two Options: FREE or $22: 


When you sign up, you can just the FREE version or the FULL version.

The FREE version includes 4 emails a week delivered straight to your inbox with Tik Tok Video tutorials of powerful daily practices like breathwork, tapping, energy visualizations.

These emails will guide you through the SoulFULL30 process.

The FULL version includes all of that AND:

- An email with a practice sent to your inbox everyday for 30 days

- Worksheets to help you define your North Star + Values as well as powerful journal prompts

- My signature scripting process to create your recorded affirmations

- Longer form meditations like the Prime Your Subconscious Mind Meditation and Soul Alignment Meditation

- My signature Inner Child Journey audio to help you make incredible breakthroughs connecting with your inner child

- A transformative movement practice to melt away stress and tension

P.S. The image to the right is for the FULL SoulFULL30 Challenge.


I'm a Priestess, Coach, Speaker, Trauma Informed Reiki Master, & Regressionist.

 Over the past 8 years I've supported hundreds of beings through deep, sacred transformations combining energy, mindset, and embodiment work both online and in-person.

I'm also the Founder of Earth Song Healing Center, a community healing space in Atlanta, GA  where I lead retreats, trainings, and sacred circles. 

On a personal level, I'm a dog-mom to two crazy pups, a work-a-holic turned lover of intentional and slow living, and committed to my self-growth and healing. 

"I started Natalie's scripting process and listened to my recorded affirmations regularly.

It didn't take long for me to start embodying my script and crazy enough - a lot of my goals started to come to fruition within just a few weeks of doing the process."

Linda G.

"Soulful30 surpassed my expectations and helped me align with my current stages I’m at.

I surely needed this. You are truly a God sent angel. I look forward to more of your work and I will surely recommend you."


What if I struggle with being consistent?


I've been there. I've struggled with mental health challenges as well as chronic illness that led to chronic fatigue. At times implementing supportive habits was really difficult for me when my energy was so low.

I found that building back self-trust meant not biting off more than I could chew. 

I wanted to create a program that...

- Helps you get in the habit of showing up for yourself, even if it's just for a few minutes a day

- Gives you bite sized practices 

- Is simple. No mentally complicated activities. No strenuous activities

- You can literally do from bed each morning 

- Is delivered right to your email inbox to remind you of your practice for the day

Sign Up Now & Start Tomorrow!

I wanted to make this challenge accessible for all. To get the full experience and transformation, I highly recommend purchasing the FULL Challenge:


  • 4+ practices each week delivered straight to your inbox (short form videos from Tik Tok + email explanations)



  • Daily practices delivered straight to your inbox (short form videos from Natalie's Tik Tok)
  • Access to ALL activities
  • Worksheets, Journal Prompts, & Scripting Guide Included
  • 3 Longer Meditations Including: Priming Your Subconscious Mind, Soul Alignment, Inner Child Journey
  • Movement for stress & tension video

Want Additional Support?

Apply to work with me in a 1-1 container HERE. My 6 month Intentional Transformation Healing Container combines Reiki, Inner Child Work, Subconscious Mind Reprogramming, and more. 

My clients have had incredible transformations like...

- Healing from trauma that was hindering their quality of life

- Overcoming consuming guilt and learning to truly love themself

- Taking their business from struggling to multiple 6 figures in just a few months (yes, from doing the inner work!)

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