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  • Track your energy and emotions during each phase of your menstrual cycle
  • Understand how you can work WITH the four phases of your cycle and hormonal fluctuations for more acceptance and well being
  • Learn what foods are most supportive for hormonal balance during each phase 

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Are You Ready to Explore a Deeper Commitment to Your Healing?


The Healing Portal is a safe space for you to explore tools and resources at your own pace. Natalie provides quick and easy tools to implement during a busy day, as well as longer practices and teachings for when you have space to go deeper.

The Healing Portal invites you to develop a deeper relationship with your mind, body, emotions, spirit, and energy field in a way that's easy to integrate into your everyday life.

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The Healing Portal Is A Membership Designed To Support Your Expansion Through...

O1 Healing Tools  

Pre-recorded healing tools and teachings will be released monthly. Embodiment Practices, Meditations, Breathwork, Movement, Energy Healings, Womb Healings, Powerful Teachings, and so much more will be available for you to come back to whenever you need support.

O2 Community  

Connect with others on their healing journeys through our virtual community. Opportunities for in-person events will be announced later!

O3 Guest Practitioners  

Learn from healing practitioners from all different backgrounds and practices, such as Rod Bravo, Harvard Trained Neuroscientist and Past Life Regressionist or Reagan Rios, EFT and Body Code Practitioner.


I'm a Trauma Informed Holistic Health Coach, Reiki Master, Sound Healing and Womb Guide, and Certified Detox Specialist.

I've had the opportunity to support thousands of people on their healing journeys over the past 7 years while also deepening my own practice of self-compassion, self-care, and deep healing.

I wanted to create a space to support you through the journey of life that's not always easy, but always worth it.

This Portal Will Focus On...


O1 Embodiment

Learning information is great. Integrating your healing and expansion on a nervous system and cellular level is what creates actual lasting change. The practices in this portal will help you become present in your body and mind so that you can live from the present instead of being run by the patterns of the past.

O2 Self Healing Teachings

From inner child healing to boundary work, to working with your ancestors and developing your intuitive gifts, Natalie and guest practitioners are here to share supportive teachings for your healing journey. This will include interactive guided meditations, visualizations, journeying, journaling, and more.

O3 Womb Healing

While this is an inclusive space (ANYONE CAN JOIN regardless of gender / identity), the Womb Healing path is a path that is often left out of teachings and is one that anyone can benefit from learning about. The Womb Path is not just about the physical womb, it is an energetic space that we can tap into to heal, create, and reconnect with our bodies.

Entering the Portal...

The healing journey involves both expanding and rooting down deep to anchor in your expansion.

It involves both challenging times and grief, as well as radiance, fun, ease, and pleasure.

Your journey will feel like a contradiction at times. We're here for your messy, your raw, your fun, your anger, your confusion, and your joy! This is an invitation towards acceptance of what is.

Since the path of "enlightenment" can sometimes be just another path to perfectionism, we ask that you enter the portal with the understanding that you are already enough as you are. The wisdom is in you. This portal is an invitation for deeper compassion, acceptance, and an opportunity to show up for yourself with love on a new level than you have before.

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Empath Activation will help you work with your inner child, create better boundaries, manage your energy, and create healing on a deep level. 

What People Say About Working With Natalie...


“Natalie is truly gifted. I cannot tell you how amazing I feel. I feel better than I have for over a decade. I feel whole for the first time and was able to release so many things that I realized were holding me back. I’m just so thankful for her, for her gift, and I cannot recommend her enough.”


“The most powerful thing I’ve ever done is a healing session with Natalie.” 


"I went from being a completely broken person to a woman who is confident in herself and the world around her. Natalie has been a huge part of helping me to realize that I am worth fighting for— I am worthy of so much more than what I’ve been living."

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