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An introspective journey through topics like Parts Work, Nervous System Healing, Gratitude, Purpose, Inner Child Healing, and more. Available now on Amazon and Tik Tok Shop. 

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For the spiritual, heart- centered human looking for private mentorship to create your dream life through healing, journeying, hypnosis, and spiritual ceremony. 

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As a Medium of 8 years, Natalie shares messages from loved ones and offers guidance for your life path. 

Natalie will bring through whatever information your Spirit Guides and Loved Ones find is most relevant and for your highest good. 

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Natalie is a Certified Trauma Support Specialist and Reiki Master of 8 years, trained in Shamanic Hypnotherapy. Natalie's healings combine Reiki, Guided Journeys, intuitive messages, and more to help you come into full wholeness with all that you are and release anything blocking you.

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