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Healing with Natalie.

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- Helena Donald, Girl Unfiltered, Money Mindset Coach



Reiki Journeys

Are you ready to experience a powerful healing session?

During a Reiki session, Natalie channels Holy Fire Healing Energy as she guides you through breathwork and visualizations for a transformational experience. 

During a session you may experience anything from total relaxation and peace, to a deep emotional release. 

You will leave with your energy cleansed, cleared, and grounded and your aura vitalized. You may notice physical pains and discomfort disappear.

Sessions are a safe space to process anything going on in your life right now or anything from the past that you would like to heal. Natalie is trauma informed and provides a compassionate space.

Holy Fire Reiki is a very warm, unconditionally loving form of energy. You may feel sensations like tingles, peace, emotional releases, and more.

 If there is a specific journey you'd like to specify, you can do so on the intake form below. If not, Natalie will intuitively choose a journey that will be most supportive of you.

Questions? You can learn more about Reiki Energy Healing here


"I feel better than I have in a decade. I feel whole for the first time. I can't recommend her enough."

- Dianne

"It truly was the most beautiful, powerful, and heartfelt session I have ever experienced. Her approachability and genuine compassion made me completely relaxed and I left the session feeling lighter, full of clarity and peace."

- Maddison T., Virtual Client

Transform Your Life In Just 6 Months...

Sacred Coaching Journeys.

This is not a normal coaching container.

We enter into a sacred space for you to explore your deepest desires, your current emotional landscape, your gifts, and your subconscious blocks.

We work from the idea that as your internal world shifts, your external world will shift as well.

I help you to surrender more deeply to your healing process.

And then magic happens. ;) 

I help you craft a vision of yourself and your life and watch you learn tools to EMBODY it.

We utilize modalities like Reiki, Guided Journeys, Inner Child Work, Intuitive Coaching, Subconscious Re-Programming, and Embodiment Practices to support you along your transformation. 

You'll also receive access to my course, Empath Empowerment, to support you in setting boundaries, managing your energy, healing your inner child, and more.

4 Month Container - $2,200

6 Month Container - $3,000

*Payment Plans Available.*


"I went from being a completely broken person to a woman who is confident in herself and the world around her. Natalie helped me realize that I am worthy of so much more than what I've been living."

- Callie, Transformation Coaching Client

"Natalie helped me to clear out the cobwebs of my depression so that I could see through all that is behind me and realize how much I have to be thankful for."

- Gloria, Transformation Coaching Client



Natalie has 8 years of experience as a psychic medium and brings through messages from loved ones as well as intuitive advice for your journey. 

When booking please note that there is no guarantee that the specific loved one you'd like to communicate with will come through. Natalie will do her best to bring through whatever information your Spirit Guides find is most relevant and for your highest good. 

Other people in spirit that you may not be expecting may come through. Usually the most outgoing / loudest ones, as well as the ones who may be seeking forgiveness or have something to clear up.


"I had a message from my daughter who passed away 7 years ago. Natalie brought healing and peace beyond what I could have imagined."

- Ashley Jones, Tedx Speaker & Founder of Love Not Lost

About Natalie


Natalie's background is in Psychology and she is a Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) who received her Trauma Support Specialist certification from The Arizona Trauma Institute.

She is an Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master and Sound Healing Practitioner who is also trained in Hypnosis and Shamanic Journeying. Additionally, her physical health challenges led her to become a Certified Detox Specialist.

Natalie is the founder of Earth Song Healing Center in Peachtree Corners, where she holds Community Circles, Reiki Trainings and supports her clients both in-person and online.

As a Healer, Intuitive, Visionary, and Leader of Sacred Ceremony, Natalie considers herself to be a Priestess. She has spent the past 8 years guiding hundreds of people from all different backgrounds on their healing journeys.

Growing up as a highly sensitive person who struggled with mental health challenges, Natalie learned that she was energetically sensitive to the world around her. It became her passion to learn how to not just cope with those sensitivities, but to heal on a deep level and learn how to transmute the pain into beauty and wisdom. Natalie's life's mission is to help others do the same, while also building communities of support so that people are not alone in their healing. 

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