Septemebr 2023


At The Sacred Womben Retreat, we will focus on practices and connection that will allow you to open up and de-armor your heart and your womb so that you can connect with the sacredness of your body, soul, and life.

Many women are in a constant state of giving, providing, and doing. From this state, it can be hard to soften, receive, and open our hearts and wombs to the ecstatic states of joy, pleasure, calmness, and peace. It can feel like we’ve lost our center as we’re pulled a hundred ways with the demands of modern life.

This can cause feelings like resentment, anger, stress, and tension. These unaddressed feelings can lead us to numb, distract, or just keep doing. Slowing down and tuning in to our bodies can feel impossible. With all the stored emotions and the stress of our lives, the last thing we often want to do is actually FEEL our body. 

It's time to feel, heal, grow and expand in sisterhood. You don't have to do it all alone.  

At The Sacred Womben Retreat, you'll have a safe space to release, move through, and transmute these layers so that you can...

  • Move out of your thinking mind and into your expansive, feeling heart.
  • Experience the depth of ceremony and ritual and explore how you can integrate this into your daily life
  • Feel at home and at peace in your body
  • Activate your inner voice and self-expression.
  • Re-connect with your playful inner child and give her space to have pure fun, just because.
  • Move, be, and exist in your full, free expression, however you like.
  • Learn how to open up to deeper pleasure, joy, and sacredness in your daily life

Together, we will create a space of slowness to soften our hearts to the sacredness of life and our presence. 

We will… laugh, cry, yell, dance, play and open up to the expansiveness of our full expressions as women. Not just who we’re “supposed” to be.

We will remember ourselves beyond the identities we’ve become trapped in. 

As we allow the full extent of our souls to shine through, we remember who we are. 

You will leave with a total transformation and a renewed understanding of yourself as the sacred woman that you are.

Come Experience...

  • An intimate gathering of women who are all committed to showing up with open hearts to support one another through this experience
  • Delicious, healthy meals to support your body
  • Sound healing journeys with quartz crystal bowls
  • A womb blessing ceremony
  • Movement and dance to connect you to your untamed, natural flow, expression, and playfulness
  • Trauma and nervous system informed coaching
  • Grounding tools to help you move out of your head and into your body and heart
  • Self care activities to indulge your senses and calm your nervous system
  • Bonfire evening and so many more surprises!

Hi, I'm Natalie...

I’m a Healing Guide who’s trained in Reiki (energy healing), Trauma Support, and guided journeying. I’ve been blessed to work privately and in group settings with hundreds of beautiful beings, helping guide people to connect with their bodies, emotions, wombs, and inner spirit to facilitate deep healing. I love creating a safe and sacred space to allow deep transformation to occur as I support people in pulling back the layers to unveil their most aligned self. 

While I've been a Reiki practitioner for 8 years, I began consciously working with the womb space 3 years ago when I was diagnosed with endometriosis and other health issues. I found that I had a lot of stored emotions and trauma in my womb space, and had never fully listened to this sacred space within me that has the power to birth life. I'm so passionate about helping women experience healing through developing a relationship with their body, their womb and their natural rhythms.

Retreat Details

Exact weekend in Septemebr TBA:

Friday at 7pm - Opening Ceremony start (check-in @6pm)

Saturday ALL Day

Sunday Check out 11am

Location: North Georgia Mountains

Your Retreat Includes...

Friday Evening: Welcome Appetizers

Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Sunday: Snacks and Brunch

Delicious Vegan and Gluten Free Optional meals to nourish and support your body

Blessed Teas, Fruits, and Alkalized Water



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